Sales Training

Sales Training is NOT an event. It is a process of knowledge and skill development, built into a continuum.

T.E.A.M. Support, LLC will design a sales training program that is suited to meet the goals of your product or new application. We teach the concept of establishing a Sales Training Program that centers around:

  1. Creating true value propositions for your product, application or service

    Value is created by making your offering superior on the few elements that matter most to target customers.

  2. Defining the steps in the Sales Process

    A clearly defined sales process is the basis for sales reproducibility and for sales managers to evaluate progress and performance

  3. Identifying the key selling activities within the Sales Process

    Tangible activities that lead to progression of a sale

  4. Building the tools to support the selling activities
  5. Training your Sales Representatives and Sales Managers to competency

T.E.A.M. Support, LLC will train your salespeople to understand and articulate your product and program value propositions and to be effective within the sales process. We will build the sales tools to support the key selling activities within the sales process and train your people to competence.